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Elytra Filament Pavilion at WAIC, West Bund, Shanghai

The Elytra Filament Pavilion constituted one of the architectural center pieces of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 (WAIC). Located in Shanghai’s prime art district, the West Bund, the pavilion demonstrates how architectural design can unfold from a computational synergy of structural engineering, environmental engineering and production engineering, resulting in unique spatial and aesthetic qualities. The conference is a platform for the world’s most influential AI scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians to engage in high-level dialogues on leading AI technologies and trends in the AI industry.

Materialica Design + Technology Gold Award 2018

The Flexafold – a bio-inspired graded fibre-composite structure with integrated pneumatic actuation won the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Gold Award 2018 in the Category Material. The MATERIALICA award honours outstanding research in the field of material science, engineering and design.

The Fibre Facade Prototype

The Fibre Facade Prototype is a new building component demonstrator created for the Innochain Network Exhibition “Practice Futures: Building Design for a New Material Age” which opened on the 31st of August at KADK in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The prototype was developed in collaboration between the ITKE, University of Stuttgart and FibR GmbH as the final product of their Innochain Industry Partnership. It consists of eight unique CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced polymer) frames that were fabricated by coreless filament winding and support eight planar polycarbonate panes in unique positions and orientations.

Preis der Freunde der Universität Stuttgart 2018

The PhD thesis of Riccardo La Magna on ‘Bending Active Plates’ was awarded the prestigious ‘Preis der Freunde und Förderer der Universität Stuttgart’. The prize is awarded every year to three outstanding dissertations at the entire University of Stuttgart. The work of Riccardo can be downloaded here

Folding Matters. Workshop in Tehran

itke research associate Axel Körner will be part of the folding matters workshop at the Contemporary Architects Association in Tehran from August 4 to 17 2018.

The workshop explores the potential of transforming initially flat sheet materials into self-supporting structures of complex and double curved geometries by utilizing principles of curved-line folding.

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