Flexible Forms – Research Pavilion Realisation

Time: Thursday, 9.45 – 13.00
Room: 6.04, Keplerstr. 11
Start: 12. April 2018

Design Studio for Bachelor and Master Students

Bio-Flexi is a new building material that can be bent, twisted and take almost every geometrical form. The material was developed by the BioMat research group in ITKE composed of renewable resources and is at the moment manufactured in flat sheets-form of 5 mm thickness. The material itself behaves like a flexible or elastic HDF wood panel.

The goal of the design studio is to build a research pavilion made of Bio-Flexi. The final design has been selected from the previous semester student’s projects. In this semester, students will have the oportunity to focus on the design optimization of the selected pavilion design as well as designing the details, especially the joinery system. There will be also an oportunity to build some prototypes by combining the material in different manufacturing process.

Students will be also involved in the final construction phase of the pavilion that will take place in June-July 2018 to build a 1:1 scale prototype outside the K1. In addition, industrial partners and external specialist will be involved.

Realization: until mid-July 2018


Contact: Hanaa DahyMichaela Mey