Material and Structure: Material Matter Lab IV

Time: Tuesday, 9:45 – 13:00
Room:  6.05, 6th floor, Keplerstr. 11
Start: Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Master Seminar


Material and Structure is a Seminar aiming to give the opportunity to future architects to deal with materials, design and fabrication with a different scope. The materiality, knowledge and awareness of materials are more or less left to the practice phase, where they are simplified and usually refer to already known catalogues and a material choice may not be optimal or no longer up-to-date.

The seminar covers a wide range of materials going from traditional materials, i.e. concrete, steel, wood and glass, to nowadays lightweight materials, i.e. bio-based materials and composites, textiles and polymers or smart and responsive materials. Furthermore, understanding of the properties, characteristics and structural behavior of these materials and related knowledge of compounds, layered elements as well as fibre reinforcement possibilities shall allow proper and intentional usage in architectural and structural applications.

A number of concepts of applying these materials in different design/structural contexts will be tackled in details by an experimental approach. The students will test their knowledge through designing and producing a physical prototype in the form of a stool (1:1).

Prerequisites: Rhinoceros
Contact: jan.petrs@itke.uni-stuttgart.de
Final Presentation: 4.2.2020
Final Submission: 11.2.2020

Contact: Hanaa Dahy