Photos by Dahy, Miklautsch

A zero-waste ecological research pavilion of scale 1:1, made of 100% recycled materials and bio-based components.
The concept of the eco-pavilion shown at the University of Stuttgart in the Summer Semester 2011 and at the Öko Messe in Erdmannhausen, lies between recycling activities and biocomposites manufacturing. The aim of the pavilion was the demonstration of different manufacturing and application techniques of recyclable and recycled green biocomposites with low or no carbon footprints, to simulate future possibilities of Zero CO2 emission houses features. The pavilion is a 1:1 prototype (with a total volume of approx. 8.00m3) of a simulated 1-story space, that can be applicable in housing projects.

Simulation of an architectural ecological space, ready for temporary usage, of minimum 5 years, with a complete cradle to cradle® concept
Planning and preparation: 6 months
Building duration: 4 days
Cooperation: Architecture office Grosse in Stuttgart, 20 architecture students, 15 academic institutes and companies sponsorship
Dimensions: L 4.00 x W 1.08 x H 2.00 m, Volume = 8.64 m3
Exhibition: August 2011: Faculty of Architecture, University of Stuttgart.
October 2011: Öko-Messe, Erdmannhausen, Germany.

BioMat research Department at Institut für Tragkonstruktionen und Konstruktives Entwerfen (ITKE), University of Stuttgart
Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hanaa Dahy
Architecture office Grosse in Stuttgart
Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Werner Grosse

LMC-Institute for Food Chemistry, University of Hohenheim
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schwack
Institute for Agricultural Technology, University of Hohenheim
Dr. Annett Reinhardt-Hanisch, Herr Sofian Raonan
Wacker Chemie AG
Momentive Specialty Chemicals GmbH Stuttgart
Grizzly Leim GmBH
Reckli GmBH
Akaflieg Stuttgart: Akademische Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V., Herr Wladimir Reschke
HFT Hochschule für Technik, Stuttgart
Stuttgart’s State Academy of
the Fine Arts- Weißenhof, Mr. Norbert Kull
AOC- Institut for Inorganic Chemistry, University of Stuttgart, Herr Andreas Nägelein and Dr. Christian Lipp
Hoffmann GmbH
Kartonagen- u. Hülsenfabrik ERICH MÜLLER