Material and Structure: Material Matter Lab IV

Time: Tuesday, 9:45 – 13:00
Room:  6.05, 6th floor, Keplerstr. 11
Start: October 15, 2019

Master Seminar


The seminar is intended to prepare students for the application of complex construction materials in load-bearing and non-load bearing structures, building envelopes as well as in other diverse architectural contexts. The seminar covers a wide range of different materials going from traditional materials, i.e. concrete, steel, wood and glass, to nowadays lightweight materials, i.e. bio-based materials and composites, textiles and polymers. Furthermore, understanding of the properties, characteristics and structural behavior of these materials and related knowledge of compounds, layered elements as well as fibre reinforcement possibilities shall allow proper and intentional usage in architectural and structural applications.

A number of concepts of applying these materials in different design/structural and interactive contexts will be tackled in details throughout an experimental approach, through learning by doing strategies. The students will be allowed to be actively working in groups with real materials and will have the chance to integrate an interactive system in the form of a 1:1 scale prototype. Architectural students will design and explore the structural functionality and the responsiveness of their materials’ systems in one of different concepts that will be integrated in this course framework. This is considered an experimental approach from materials towards design, how to integrate materiality, structure and responsiveness in a new format

Contact: Hanaa Dahy