Soft Robotics

Time: Tuesday, 9:45 -13:00
New Room: 6.05, 6th floor, Keplerstr. 11
Start: 16.102018

Master and Bachelor Seminar

Soft robotics is a subfield of robotics dealing with soft or smart responsible materials. Due to its perfect
adaptivity safety and flexibility it can be an alternative to rigid mechanisms and bring the robotics closer to natural performances. Uncountable examples of plant and animal systems use the soft mechanisms for their adaptation and movement in a real environment. Soft robotics is concerned as a main driving scope in the robotics future. High potential for its use is in the fields of medicine and manufacturing. But it started to influence also to the architecture during the last years. Mostly as an alternative to classical rigid actuators in interactive or kinetics structures as well as cooperative small scale robots.

Goal of the seminar is throughout an experimental approach, lectures and material learning to design small-scale robots or actuators and integrate them to an interactive architectural/structural context. The students will work in groups or individually with specific materials and electronics. Pneumatic soft actuators are probably the most commonly used in the soft robotics due to its low price and easy fabrication. Otherwise, range of other materials can be used, for instance electro-active polymers, shape memory alloys, bimetals etc.

The students will first work on a concept and application then they will continue with the testing and simulating of the specific materials, which is supposed to culminate in 1:1 prototype. A great emphasis is on a physical work with the materials and their final presentation in a form of a scientific paper and video.

Students will get a new perspective how the architecture can interact with its environment. Seminar should extend not only their material knowledge but also software and manual skills.

Prerequisites: Rhinoceros
Contact: jan.petrs@itke.uni-stuttgart.de
Final Presentation: 5.2.2019
Final Submission: 12.2.2019