Designing Responsive and Kinetic Building Envelopes

Time: Monday, 14:00 – 17.15
Room: 10.07, 10th floor, Keplerstr. 11
Start: 22.10.2018

Master and Bachelor Design Project



The studio deals with the design of kinetic and responsive building envelopes, it explores geometric and kinematic modelling solutions and aims to to uncover potentials of kinetic facades in terms of climate control , alignment with architectural typologies, aesthetics and choreographic performance.

The course will include a series of mini-lectures and tutorials to reinforce design skills , will host local and international experts for presentation and feedback sessions. It will collaborate with existing seminars within the faculty of architecture in stuttgart to reinforce and enrich the learning experience.

Students are expected to have some prior experience in at least one relevant design-oriented modelling software such as Rhino 3D, Maya, etc. ( Free student Licenses obtainable and basic skills can be learned via online tutorials ). The course will provide additional relavant software tuition to support students in their design work. The ability to program/script is highly encouraged.