Materialica Design + Technology Gold Award 2018

The Flexafold – a bio-inspired graded fibre-composite structure with integrated pneumatic actuation won the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Gold Award 2018 in the Category Material. The MATERIALICA award honours outstanding research in the field of material science, engineering and design.

Preis der Freunde der Universität Stuttgart 2018

The PhD thesis of Riccardo La Magna on ‘Bending Active Plates’ was awarded the prestigious ‘Preis der Freunde und Förderer der Universität Stuttgart’. The prize is awarded every year to three outstanding dissertations at the entire University of Stuttgart. The work of Riccardo can be downloaded here.

Publication Award of the University of Stuttgart 2017

Marshall Prado, Moritz Dörstelmann, James Solly, Prof. Achim Menges, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers receive the publication award of the University of Stuttgart for their paper “Elytra Filament Pavilion: Robotic Filament Winding for Structural Composite Building Systems”, published in Fabricate-Rethinking Design and Construction (Proceedings of the Fabricate Conference 2017, Stuttgart) UCL Press London, pp. 224-233.

AVK-Innovationspreis 2017 – Wissenschaft und Forschung

The Flectofold – a biomimetic, hinge-less shading device made of foldable fibre composite material was awarded 3rd price in the category science and research at the International Composite Congress 2017. The AVK-Innovationspreis honours outstanding scientific work in research.
Project partners:
ITFT, ITKE, IBB (University of Stuttgart), PBG, FIT (University of Freiburg), Institut für Evolution und Ökologie (University of Tübingen) and DITF.

1. Preis Frei Otto Förderpreis des AIV Stuttgart 2016-17

Ramon Elias Weber, Ayuna Mitupova und Tiago Carvalho, Studierende des internationalen Studiengangs ITECH, erhalten den 1. Preis im Ideenwettbewerb FLEXIBLE SPACE Multifunktionale Begegnungsstätte in Leichtbauweise des AIV Stuttgart (Frei Otto Förderpreis 2016-17).