Iconic Awards 2019: Innovative Architecture

The BUGA Fibre Pavilion was selected as one of the winners in the category “Innovative Architecture” of the Iconic Awards 2019.
Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture, established by the German Design Council, is the first independent international architecture and design competition to take into account the interplay between the various disciplines. Awards are given to visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication in all sectors of architecture, the construction and real estate business and the manufacturing industries. The focus is on holistic production and interaction between the trades in the context of architecture.
The award ceremony took place on October 7th, 2019, at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, Europe’s largest collections of modern and contemporary art, architecture and design.

Beyond Bauhaus – prototyping the future Award 2019 for BUGA Fiber Pavilion Heilbronn

On August 16th 2019, the BUGA Fiber Pavilion will receive the “beyond bauhaus – prototyping the future” award as one of 20 winners out of 1500 participants in an international competition, launched by the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative. The award ceremony will take place at Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.
The Jury specifically acknowledged the “intelligent design of a contemporary social space” as a “forward looking solution to pressing contemporary challenges”

BUGA Fibre Pavilion

2. Preis Jurypreis Bachelorarbeit für Interlocking Shell – Bionischer Forschungspavillon

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Frau Arzum Coban und Frau Viktorya Ivanova erhalten am 5. Juli 2019 den 2. Preis der Jury 2019 für Ihre gemeinsame Bachelorarbeit ‘Interlocking Shell – Bionischer Forschungspavillon – Die Natur als Ideengeber für leichte und moderne Architektur’.

Anerkennung materialPREIS 2019 Studie & Vision

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Aus 178 Einreichungen sind 16 Preisträger hervorgegangen.

BioMat Pavillon 2018 FLEXIBLE FORMS
Der Forschungspavillon umfasste eien Fläche von ca. 55 m2 und ein Innenvolumen von ca. 120 m3 mit einer Spannweite von 9,5 m und einer Höhe von 3,6 m. Er wurde im Sommer 2018 auf dem Campus Stadtmitte der Universität Stuttgart aus Bioverbundwerkstoff-Sandwichelementen errichtet. Die doppelt gekrümmte, parametrisch segmentierte Schale wurde von drei gekrümmten Brettschichtbindern getragen. Die Geometrie der Schale ähnelte einem 3D-Gewebe, in dem die gebogenen Bio-Verbundelemente im dreidimensionalen Raum in alle Richtungen verbunden waren.

Materialica Design + Technology Gold Award 2018

The Flexafold – a bio-inspired graded fibre-composite structure with integrated pneumatic actuation won the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Gold Award 2018 in the Category Material. The MATERIALICA award honours outstanding research in the field of material science, engineering and design.

Preis der Freunde der Universität Stuttgart 2018

The PhD thesis of Riccardo La Magna on ‘Bending Active Plates’ was awarded the prestigious ‘Preis der Freunde und Förderer der Universität Stuttgart’. The prize is awarded every year to three outstanding dissertations at the entire University of Stuttgart. The work of Riccardo can be downloaded here.

Publication Award of the University of Stuttgart 2017

Marshall Prado, Moritz Dörstelmann, James Solly, Prof. Achim Menges, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers receive the publication award of the University of Stuttgart for their paper “Elytra Filament Pavilion: Robotic Filament Winding for Structural Composite Building Systems”, published in Fabricate-Rethinking Design and Construction (Proceedings of the Fabricate Conference 2017, Stuttgart) UCL Press London, pp. 224-233.