Nikolas Früh and Prof. Dr. Jan Knippers published an article on Multi-Stage Filament Winding in Composite Structures

June 2, 2021 / Nikolas Früh, Prof. Dr. Jan Knippers, Hähl GmbH, Maus GmbH, MATERIAL

New publication on the fabrication method MSFW, Multi-Stage Filament Winding, which also was used for the Maison Fibre in Venice.

The Multi‐Stage Filament Winding (MSFW) method is being developed to expand the geometrical possibilities of filament winding. The fabrication method enables the sustainable production of lightweight fibre composites with complex geometries. MSFW allows for great control of material parameters and laminate geometry.

The article explains the method and focuses on the geometry analysis and generation that is required to analyse components and generate the necessary temporary geometries for fabrication using MSFW.

The full article can be accessed here:

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