This image shows Piotr Baszyński

Piotr Baszyński


Research Associate I IntCDC


Keplerstraße 11
70174 Stuttgart

  1. Dahy, H., Petrs, J., & Baszynski, P. (2020). Biocomposites from Anually Renewable Resources Displying Vision of Future Sustainable Architecure: Design and fabrication of two 1:1 demonstrators. In J. Burry, J. Sabin, B. Sheil, & M. Skavara (Eds.), Fabricate 2020 (pp. 66–73). UCL Press.
  2. Dahy, H., Petrs, jan, & Baszynski, P. (2020). Design and Fabrication of two 1:1 Architectural Demonstrators based on Biocomposites from Annually Renewable Resources displaying a Future Vision for Sustainable Architecture. In A. Burry, J. Sabin, B. Sheil, & M. Skavara (Eds.), Making Resilent Architecture - FABRICATE 2020 (pp. 66–73). UCL Press.
  3. Dahy, H., Baszynski, P., & Petrs, J. (2019). Experimental Biocomposite Pavilion: Segmented Shell Construction - Design, Material Development, and Erection. Proceedings of ACADIA 2019: The 39th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture.
  4. Dahy, H., Petrs, J., Bos, D. H., Baszynski, P., Habraken, P. H. W., & Teuffel, P. M. (2019, October). BioMat Pavilion 2018: Development, Fabrication, and Erection of a Double Curved Segmented Shell from Biocomposite Elements. Proceedings of IASS Annual Symposium 2019 – Structural Membranes 2019 Form and Force.
  • Material and Structure: Material Matter Lab III, Seminar, WS 18/19
  • Pavilion Design and Fabrication: Multifunctional Biocomposite Building Elements
  • Flexible Forms – Research Pavilion Realisation
  • Material and Structure: Material Matter Lab IV, Seminar, WS 19/20
  • Flat to Spatial: Designing 3D biocomposite structures, Design Project, SS 20
  • Material and Structure: Material Matter Lab V, Seminar, WS 20/21
  • From Textile Preforms to Biocomposite Structures, Seminar, SS 21
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