This image shows Edith A. Gonzalez

Edith A. Gonzalez

M.Sc. M.Arch.

Research Associate


Keplerstrasse 11
70174 Stuttgart

  1. Gonzalez, E. A., Moser, S., Körner, A., Born, L., Gresser, G. T., Weitlaner, R., & Knippers, J. (2023). Advancing Solar Control and Energy Harvesting through the Use of Pneumatically Actuated Elastic Adaptive Facades. ECCOMAS Proceedia, 744–756. 10.7712/150123.9828.444680
  2. Moser, S., Gonzalez, E. A., Körner, A., Born, L., Gresser, G. T., & Knippers, J. (2023). Datengesteuerte Regelungsstrategie mittels einer modellbasierten Evaluierung: Anwendung an einer adaptiven Fassade in Freiburg. LICHT 2023. LICHT 2023, Salzburg, Austria,.
  3. Mühlich, M., Gonzalez, E. A., Born, L., Körner, A., Schwill, L., Gresser, G. T., & Knippers, J. (2021). Deformation Behavior of Elastomer-Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastics in Dependence of Pneumatic Actuation. Biomimetics, 6(3), 43, Article 6(3), 43.
  • Environmental Adaptive Architecture, Design Project Summer semester 2022
  • Form and Structure, WS 22/23


  • Flectuation – Adaptive fiber-reinforced composites with integrated actuation
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