This image shows Yanan Guo

Yanan Guo


Research Associate I IntCDC


Keplerstrasse 11
70174 Stuttgart

  1. Guo, Y., Serhat, G., Gil Pérez, M., & Knippers, J. (2022). Maximizing buckling load of elliptical composite cylinders using lamination parameters. Engineering Structures, 262, 114342.
  2. Gil Pérez, M., Guo, Y., & Knippers, J. (2022). Integrative material and structural design methods for natural fibres filament-wound composite structures: The LivMatS pavilion. Material & Design, 217.
  3. Guo, Y., Gil Pérez, M., Serhat, G., & Knippers, J. (2022). A design methodology for fiber layup optimization of filament wound structural components. Structures, 38, 1125–1136.
  4. Gil Pérez, M., Zechmeister, C., Kannenberg, F., Mindermann, P., Balangé, L., Guo, Y., Hügle, S., Gienger, A., Forster, D., Bischoff, M., Tarín, C., Middendorf, P., Schwieger, V., Gresser, G. T., Menges, A., & Knippers, J. (2022). Computational co-design framework for coreless wound fibre–polymer composite structures. Journal of Computational Design and Engineering, 9(2), 310–329.
  • Transient Form Finding, Mechanical Modelling and Assessment of Segmented Fibre Composite Shells
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