Month: September 2018

New Cluster of Excellence: Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture

New Cluster of Excellence

We are delighted to announce the success of our Cluster of Excellence proposal on “Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture (IntCDC)” in the final round of the German Excellence Strategy. The aim of the Excellence Strategy is to strengthen Germany’s position as an outstanding place for research in the long term and further improve its international competitiveness. A Cluster of Excellence is the most significant and substantial grant by the German Research Foundation.

The Fibre Facade Prototype

The Fibre Facade Prototype is a new building component demonstrator created for the Innochain Network Exhibition “Practice Futures: Building Design for a New Material Age” which opened on the 31st of August at KADK in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The prototype was developed in collaboration between the ITKE, University of Stuttgart and FibR GmbH as the final product of their Innochain Industry Partnership. It consists of eight unique CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced polymer) frames that were fabricated by coreless filament winding and support eight planar polycarbonate panes in unique positions and orientations.